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October 29, 2008 at 2:22 pm


You are not going to believe the following… Have you ever heard of such a thing in your realm…forcing a pastor to take psychological testing by extortion, then holding his severance package hostage if he doesn’t sign a waiver revealing doctor/patient confidentiality to the District Supt. of a the Christian and Missionary Alliance? Isn’t this against the law (a crime), a violation of his civil rights? Conflict of interest (how does the psychologist who Spriggs picks have the best interest of the patient in mind vs. the interest of the C&MA leaders and PDC/Emerging Church agenda)? Spriggs as the D.S. could then us the information from the psychologist against Pastor Iddings as fuel to oust him. Instead of Spriggs attacking Iddings, he should search the country for more Gideons like Iddings. And does anyone know the compensation and and retirement packages that C&MA District Directors and Vice Presidents (John Soper) get?

Isn’t there a statute against it? Don’t people go to prison for extortion like this? This has got to be a pastor’s worst nightmare!


James Sundquist

Rock Salt Publishing

From: James Sundquist
Date: October 9, 2008 12:11:31 PM EDT
To: rock.salt@verizon.net
Subject: How Wayne Spriggs Snuffed out C&MA Pastor and Church in Pennslvania; Extorts Pastor to break Law in Counseling Confidentiality Bribe; Jim Grumbine Collaborator

Dear Pastors, Workers, and Members of the C&MA in Pennsylvania and Members of the Media and Church Discernment Ministries in the U.S. and Canada,

What follows is a brief summary and case study of how Wayne Spriggs systematically destroyed a good and God-fearing pastor and his church.

A number of C&MA pastors revert to the reversion clause in the C&MA Constitution to defend Wayne Spriggs, District Superintendent for Eastern Pennsylvania, but the Reversion Clause (though I believe is a license to steal) can not be invoked capriciously, arbitrarily, without due process outlined in the C&MA Constitution, and without just cause.

Secondly, the Reversion Clause is unilateral, with virtually no accountability of the District or Headquarters. A local pastor or church should be able to prevent the seizure of its property, assets, bank accounts by the C&MA District, if it can document that the C&MA doctrines and teachings have been compromised or apostate, such as Wayne Spriggs has trotted into his district. The C&MA should not automatically be able to seize the property because the pastor or the congregation refuse to be psychologized with science falsely so-called such as SMART and SHAPE. Wayne Spriggs nit-picks over a miniscule percentage of the church’s income that was used to pay for the phone long distance calls, Internet, Bob Idding’s vacation time, and thereby straining at a gnat, while he swallows a camel of false teacher Rick Warren and Emerging Church teachers , and seizes Reedsville C&MA bank and property worth exponentially more…even though even this was all paid for by its members not him, not the District, and not the C&MA Headquarters. So how much money did the Spriggs personally or corporately through the C&MA District contribute to Reedsville C&MA Church? He wants to save the church’s money by taking it ALL? He wants pinch pennies over the cost of ink cartridges for Bob Iddings’ computer, but is willing to pay $80 a session to a psychologist Bob Iddings doesn’t even need…even Reedsville C&AM Church members and other leaders in the C&MA don’t even think he needed. This is a classic ambush by false accuser of the brethren! They make it sound like his severance package was a gift or welfare and then have the gall to attack him personally for rightfully stating his belief that he was entitled to his vacation pay and severance package. This is all vested…you don’t earn it after the fact of your firing or resignation. You should ask for what you are entitled to as a good steward of your wife, family, and daughter. Bob Iddings deserved it. To humiliate him for asking, then make threats if you don’t behave according to his warped concept of behavior is a stench in the nostrils of the Lord. They make it sound like this all came of out of their pockets. Then we found it bizarre that Wetzel would ask Bob Iddings to reconsider resigning after he told Bob Iddings that they would not renew his license in 2009. And why would Spriggs want to redeploy him if Pastor Iddings had not demonstrated any turnaround and remained unrepentant? Why doesn’t Spriggs use Scripture such as the seven churches in Revelation to determine what is a healthy church as criteria instead of the numerology and sorcery of this world’s philosophy and science falsely so-called such as SMART psychometrics, let alone demand of Bob Iddings what even John Soper agrees is illegal..that is force him to sign a waiver that the psychologist that Spriggs chose (not Iddings choice) divulge confidential information to Wayne Spriggs. If anyone can’t see that this isn’t Big Brother, they need their eyes examined. This alone reveals Spriggs true colors! Why isn’t it Spriggs credentials that are revoked. The victim pays and the plunderer goes free! Spriggs thinks he is the victim, yet he got all of Reedsville bank account and property, the members get nothing but an empty bag they are now holding. Even if Spriggs wants to take out personal vengeance on Bob Iddings, why did he insist on making his whole congregation pay? Answer: He is an expert in greed and the C&MA’s global agenda! I am shocked that out of over two thousand C&MA pastors and workers in the U.S. and Canada, so few showed even an ounce of compassion for the members of Bob Idding’s church in Eastern Pennsylvania. Spriggs did not help Bob Iddings or the members of this church, but deserted them…that is clear from his own testimony! Wayne Spriggs came unhinged and attacked Bob Iddings because two former adherents made charges against Spriggs. But how are they inappropriate if they are true? And if these two were former adherents, Pastor Bob Iddings would no longer have any authority over them anyway. If even Daniel Wetzel states that Spriggs decision to revoke Bob Iddings’ license was to force compliance with DEXCOM recommendations, why isn’t he or Soper forcing Spriggs to make restitution and restoration to Bob Iddings and his congregation and disciplining Spriggs? MR. SPRIGGS AND MR. SOPER, GIVE THE CHURCH BACK TO PEOPLE OF REEDSVILLE AND MAKE RESTITUTION TO STILL ANOTHER PASTOR AND MORE BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST THAT YOU HAVE DESTROYED! Spriggs behaves illegally and is rewarded, and Bob Iddings behaved legally and he and his congregation are punished. Even if Mr. Fred Joost stated that Bob Iddings and his church had done nothing wrong and had done nothing to be ashamed of, yet 99.% of the C&MA pastors and workers who were emailed deserted Bob Iddings and his church or blamed him and the messengers of this alert, and almost none blamed Spriggs, why did he not record his objection in the Dexcom Recommendations? But even though the C&MA has does not care that this happened to Reedsville, they had better watch out if they think it can’t happen to them. They had better watch out if they don’t conform to the numerology of their SMART psychometrics and usurping the office of the Holy Spirit as though they can measure spirituality, particularly with the tools of men. And even though they don’t care, we will continue to notify the church at large and the media, who do care! No wonder the C&MA is getting such a bad reputation. THAT IS BOTH THE APPEARANCE OF EVIL AS WELL AS ACTUAL EVIL! But the C&MA leaders will not get away with this forever, as their sin will find them out!

News Release:

September 24, 2008

Christian & Missionary Alliance Leader Named in Fraud & Extortion Scheme

District Superintendent Wayne Spriggs Seizes Reedsville Bank Account and Church Property

On the heels of the C&MA Headquarters being sued for stealing $18,000 bank account and $650,000 church property of a Chinese church in Colorado Springs, and more recently a Vietnamese Boat People Church, in Long Beach California, the Eastern Pennsylvania District of the C&MA as now hijacked another church. And just like the national bank crisis is about real estate, this case of greed is about real estate. But unlike the national bank crisis, the leaders of the Wall Street giants are not blaming it on the investor, while the C&MA is blaming it on the pastor and members of this local church who invested in it. Their punishment? Steal their property! And unlike the current national bank crisis collapse and corruption with Fanny Mae, Freddie Mack, and Leeman Brothers, the C&MA loots church bank accounts in the name of Jesus. This time in Reedsville, Pennsylvania, spearheaded by Wayne Spriggs, District Director, who has a history of threatening people.

The Summary Letter by former C&MA Credentialed Pastor Bob Iddings, Reedsville Christian & MIssionary Alliance Church, Reedsville, Pennsylvania:


“But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.” (Eze 33:6 AV)
The Christian and Missionary Alliance has seized another church, its parsonage and its bank account, this time by the hands of Wayne Spriggs, District Superintendent of the Eastern Pennsylvania District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance and its District Executive Committee.

A disgruntled adherent from our church who was displeased when she did not get her way, called our District Superintendent, Wayne Spriggs, and insisted on a congregational meeting in an attempt to have me removed from the church and “to ruin me”. Although a congregational meeting was not held, what was to follow was a nightmare for our church adherents and myself.

It was a known fact by our District Superintendent that another church in our community who was currently renting space was interested in our church property, which we feel was at the root of what was to ensue, as Wayne Spriggs is attempting to close many of our small churches to acquire money to fund start up of new mega/emergent churches which he believes is the direction our churches should be going. He is opposed to the small churches and feels that they lack the ability and resources to evangelize.

Wayne Spriggs knowing that I am a man who stands for what he believes, forced my hand by demanding certain requirements to be met by myself and my church people or face closure of the church. He knew we would not agree to his terms, thus forcing my resignation. However, he did not allow us the time we asked for to prepare for closure, but came to our church one Sunday evening with the news the church would be closed, and the next day came and confiscated all financial records and immediately went to the bank and withdrew all the churches funds. Although the church was slated to close in two weeks, there was never another service held at the church and the church adherents were not notified, only to come to the church the following Sunday to find a sign on the door that there would be no services for the next two weeks.

During this time, Wayne made accusations of misconduct on my part to have DEXCOM issue a decree that I was forbidden to attend prayer conference scheduled during the same week he closed the church. This was done in an attempt to keep other churches and pastors from knowing what had happened. During the months that followed, Wayne refused to allow me to attend meetings held by DEXCOM and LO&CC concerning my situation and when I was asked to meetings with a few of his hand chosen representatives, I was not permitted to bring anyone with me as a witness and I was denied written copies of minutes of those meetings. In addition, when I was cleared of all charges, Wayne immediately had LO&CC suspend my license for failure to follow through with his demands without following proper procedures set forth by the constitution of the C&MA. Although I had challenged him on several occasions concerning his mishandling of the proper procedures to be followed, he chose to disregard my concerns and proceeded forward with his erroneous handling of the situation. I later appealed this to our National Office who found that proper procedures were not followed and asked that he reinstate my license, which he refused to do until I wrote a letter resigning my credentials with the C&MA.

During this entire ordeal, our family was going through a crisis with our daughter who was facing surgery the day after we were told the church would close for possible iliac cancer. Wayne showed no compassion for our situation, nor did he or anyone from the district ever inquire about my daughter’s condition or situation. His only concern was that we be out of the parsonage by May 31st, of which he reminded us on several occasions. He lacked any concern for the fact that we had no job, no income and limited time to find housing due to our family crisis.
Our church was financed through a local mortgage company and we have been totally debt free for at least 12 years. To my knowledge we never had any loans from the C&MA’s Alliance Development Fund…so they would not even have grounds for foreclosure or lien. But it really wasn’t even our property or even our money, these were the monies given by our people to God as tithes and offerings. What they (the C&MA) have taken is God’s, not man’s. I know we were small, but the spiritual growth in the last few years has been great. God called me here to combat those who were trying to control and corrupt His church and be a witness to this community and even as Philip (Acts 8:26) was called to go into the desert to witness to one man.
The Christian and Missionary Alliance is no longer true to the scriptural principles on which it was founded. They are embracing the emergent church movement and will not hesitate to enforce their reversionary clauses and liquidate any churches assets or confiscate funds in order to move forward with their new agenda and fund these new churches. Let this serve as a warning, your church could be next!!! Robert Iddings, former Christian & Missionary Alliance pastor

This hostile takeover by the C&MA is nothing new, but in fact, follows a well published pattern of devouring their own brothers in Christ. Here are two recent pending cases: The C&MA’s seizure of the C&MA Chinese church story entitled: “Suing for Reconciliation” is available in Christianity Today Magazine [See: http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2008/june/3.16.html and the Colorado Springs Gazette: "Congregation Suing District after its Home is Sold" [see: http://www.gazette.com/articles/congregation_38941___article.html/district_home.html. Also read the comments on that article. Here is one of oft recommend posts by Rocksalt [see other posts too]:

“My highest commendation to Gazette Reporter Marc Barna..his story was NO SPIN…very balanced! I wrote three documentaries on the C&MA. The truth about what the C&MA did is even more sinister and evil than the article reflects. The account by the Chinese members is correct. A public relations nightmare for the C&MA either way the court case goes. One clarification re The “Reversion Clause” is that “accredited”, though it makes it much easier to hijack the church then when it is merely “affiliated”, it is not license, due process, and the absence of fraud and arbitrariness must prevail in exercising the reversion clause…even the C&MA Constitution states this. For a complete report on the C&MA’s seizure of the Chinese church and the more recent seizure of another ethnic church and its even larger bank account by the C&MA which was a Vietnamese Boat People church in Long Beach, California, and the investigation of C&MA VIce President John Soper, contact rock.salt@verizon.net”

The Vietnamese hostile takeover story will be in an upcoming issue of District Weekly in Long Beach, California. Update: On September 22, 2008, Daniel Nguyen, former members of the Vietnamese “Boat People” Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, Long Beach, California filed criminal fraud charges against the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Long Beach, California. For independent verification and a copy of the filing, contact:

Sr. Inv. Randal McNary
L.A. County District Attorney
201 N. Figueroa Street
Ste 1500
Los Angeles, CA 90012
213-580-8733 (o)
213-202-5954 (f)
213-379-2044 (c)

Full report of Christian & Missionary Alliance denomination hijacking of Reedsville Christian and Missionary Alliance Church is available at:


Once again, the Christian and Missionary Alliance has trashed the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution Freedom of Religion by snatching and poaching church properties and bank accounts and rendering victims into villains and villains into heroes.









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