Commentary On Wall Street Journal & Baptist Press Article on Rick Warren




Here is my commentary on the Wall Street Journal article on Rick Warren on Monday Sept 9, 2006 I was a major consultant to Suzanne Sataline on this report.


Without directly accusing Rick Warren of lying, Suzanne Sataline, author of the September 5, 2006 Wall Street Journal article: A Popular Strategy For Church Growth Splits Congregants, astutely revealed him to be one when Warren says he opposes any efforts to expel members from churches who won't comply with his programs, then she describes Dan Southerland's Church Transitions organization, one of Rick Warren major global partners and quotes by their spokespersons Roddy Clyde and Glen Sartain prove that Rick Warren does promote those very efforts to expel members from churches.

The WSJ article even backed it up by documenting that Church Transitions conducted their program right at Warren's Saddleback Church, making it impossible for him to squirm out of it or say that it happened at another therefore not his fault. And I can back it up too because I have tapes of Warren's PDC Conference leaders in Nairobi Kenya, confirming their alliance with Church Transitions in Warren's Global Peace Plan.

I can't even believe he would make such an audacious statement that can be so easily refuted when he trains 400,000 pastors all over the world how to do precisely just that when dealing with his "resisters" and those who "must die". Suzanne Sataline caught Rick Warren redhanded! Good job!

A further note in the Baptist Press article that there was not an ounce of compassion for any of the victims of Rick Warren's programs as though they had no biblical grounds for their opposition. Also note that they tried to contact Warren and the Wall Street Journal, but no record of contacting any of the victims to verify their story. You can be sure I will make this known next month when I will be interviewed on Watchman on the Wall at Southwest Radio and next week on The New World Order Disorder show on, Prophezine Magazine, The Zeph Report, and on WQBC Radio.

The time has passed to dialog with Baptist Press. It is now the time to simply mark them as well as Dr. Barry McCarty whom the Baptist Press describes as "longtime chief parliamentarian at the Southern Baptist Convention", and Pastor Doug Morgan, Governor's Park Baptist Church whose response to me by email typifies the treatment of anyone who even appeals to a pastor regarding the teachings of Rick Warren and mirrors the published gestapo tactics of Church Transition leaders, as collaborators for their unholy alliances with Rick Warren! James Sundquist, Director, Rock Salt Publishing. Also see Lighthouse Trails commentary on it: and Wall Street Journal Chronicles The Unreported Plight of Purpose Driven Refugees:

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