Dear Mr. Phillip Walker,
Thank you for your response.  
It is you who are misinformed, but worse, you have now borne false witness against me in addition to confirming that you are a collaborator and co-conspirator with Rick Warren, which is an abomination to the Lord, and slanderers will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  As usual, just like other Warrenites, instead of providing a shred of proof that I am not telling the truth, you personally ad hominem attack me.  I also know first hand the destruction wrought by Rick Warren, whose materials and teachings split the C&MA church of a close relative, who have now been left dismembered by the propeller of RIck Warren's Purpose Driven Church.  It is you who are misinformed.  There are now at least a dozen books out which have documented Rick Warren's PDC false teachings and the YouTube video by Dr. John MacArthur:

For you to now even be apparently be unaware of the churches in many denominations that have been destroyed because of Rick Warren leaves me in staggered disbelief.  What is more than sad, but tragic, is the host Christians and countries you are leading astray because of your International Christian Ministry's propagation and unholy alliance with Rick Warren.
The Apostle Paul's twice condemning the Judaizers in Galatians for trying to put Christians back under the law, is exactly what Rick Warren is doing with is forced covenants of membership and tithing.  I have documented his heresies in two books published by Southwest Radio Church, you have documented nothing.  Your promotion of RIck Warren occult-Carl-Jung based SHAPE Personality Profiling Temperament Divination compounds your culpability.  Are you actually suggesting the Warren's SHAPE (the P) is not based on Carl Jung's Personality Theory which he obtained from a spirit-guide named Philemon.  Your letter will be small comfort to the host of saints that have been purpose-driven out of their churches such Gardendale Baptist Church in Texas.  That story was in Texas and national news, and along with many other churches was a front page story in the Wall Street Journal.
You are also indicted by your own testimony and another witness against your words about Martin Sempa.  Yes Sempa, once was a Warrenite groupie like you.  But has now repented.  Here is the proof:
And here is Loren Davis testimony about Sempa:
"From: loren davis <>

Subject: RE: Sempa Video on Warren and Sodomy in Africa

Date: July 4, 2011 10:00:39 AM EDT He has completely rejected RW and RW is finished in Uganda.

Celeste and Loren Davis
About our Father's business! 
Luke 2:49b
Celeste and Loren Davis About our Father's business! 

Luke 2:49b
So where is your outcry against Warren that agrees with Sempa's against him?  Where might I find a statement by your or ICM that you agrees with Martin Sempa?Finally, it is not the Bereans who tell the truth about these false teachers and destroyers of the brethren and bringing the Balm of Gilead to all of those left in Warren's wake, who are ripping down the faithful, rather it is you who promote them who are ripping down the faithful, including ripping me in this letter.  This is just one Scripture that applies to you for promoting Warren and John Maxwell:
2Jo 1:11   For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.    Rick Warren's call Fundamentalist Christians enemies of the 21st Century and his sidekick collaborator and training partner calls true Christian "Sandballats from Hell."  But it is you and Warren who are the enemies of the Gospel that weaken the church.  You want to build common ground with false teachers and Islam, while Scripture warns us that there is NO FELLOWSHIP WITH DARKNESS!!   It is you and Rick Warren that are the clear and present danger to the church, and it is your ignorance that is leading a host astray as this Scripture describes:

PROFESSOR JOHAN MALAN, SOUTH  AFRICA EXPOSE OF RICK WARRENBut there are other Bible scholars in Africa who have published exposes on Rick Warren such as Professor Johan Malan in South Africa:

I have already publicly marked you in my second book entitled: RICK WARREN'S GLOBAL PEACE PLAN VS. SCRIPTURAL TEACHINGS ON PEACE published by Southwest Radio Church ( and on this website:

And in the U.S., Jack Van Impe on his national radio and television host of stations in his current series of broadcasts, where he is also promoting Dr. Noah Hutching's book The Dark Side of the Purpose Driven Church.  He just ordered thousands of copies to warn and alert the nation.  I will be sure he gets a copy of this email, so he can include you in his ongoing campaign to demolish the CHRISLAM strongholds and Rick Warren that you promote.  Jack Van Impe broadcasts exposing Rick Warren can be seen at:

Nevertheless, this is most timely for my upcoming national radio broadcasts beginning tonight, on:




TOLL FREE NUMBER:1-800-596-8191

and later this Fall on Watchman on the Wall, Southwest Radio Show which is aired throughout the U.S. on these stations:You claim you are a Christian, so you required by Scripture receive my response regarding your false charges against me.  But I am also commanded to warn you twice.  Consider this the second warning!!! I further await, even a single shred of evidence that my documentation of Rick Warren's false teachings, for as respectfully as I can tell you, it is you who do not know what you are talking about and it is you who are engaged in the worst kind of deceptionSincerely in Christ,

James Sundquist

Washington Secretary of State · Corporations Division
801 Capitol Way South
PO Box 40234, Olympia WA 98504-0234
(360) 725-0377 
bcc extensive discernment database in U.S., Canada, Africa, UK
 On Sep 5, 2011, at 11:12 AM, Phil Walker wrote:
James:  I have been a missionary in Africa and the Middle East (living in both) for more than 30 years.  Currently my ministry takes me across the whole region on a regular basis.  I meet with key Christian leaders across both regions on a regular basis.  I also have the privilege of knowing and working with Rick Warren.  I also am very familiar with Kitale (having lived there for 11 years) and the conferences.  I also know Martin Sempa.  I find your attacks on Rick to be uninformed and unfortunate.  It is east to throw rocks at things you do not understand nor appreciate.  Building common ground in order to share the Good News takes more effort and risk.  I am always sorry to get emails like this that seek to tear down rather than build up.  The people you mention and are working with further illustrate your unwitting use by the enemy to weaken the Church.Please do not bother sending out this rubbish to me.  I have faced these kinds of senseless uninformed attacks for over 40 years as a Christian leader.  To believe you are performing a service to the Body of Christ is the worst kind of deception.  May God speak to your heart about winning the lost and discipling the committed rather than ripping down the faithful.Phillip Walker, Ph.D.ICM, President From:James Sundquist [] 
Sent: Monday, September 05, 2011 5:33 AM
Subject: John Wesley on Islam & Islamic Jesus vs. Biblical Jesus...expose on Rick Warren's Global Peace Plan

Dear President Phil Walker and Members of ICM,

I note from your website and Purpose Driven campaign documents in Africa, that you promote and endorse Rick Warren.  So in this regard, I invite you to be alerted to the following updates on Perfect Peace Plan website: 

1.  Loren Davis, a missionary for a quarter of a century in Africa has broadcast this expose on Warren:  You probably already know the Pastor Sempa in Africa has publicly denounced Warren.

2.  Islamic Jesus vs. Biblical Jesus video online Methodist Church defiles its sanctuary and defies founder John Wesley on Islam



"Ever since the religion of Islam appeared in the world, the espousers of it…have been as wolves and tigers to all other nations, rending and tearing all that fell into their merciless paws, and grinding them with their iron teeth; that numberless cities are raised from the foundation, and only their name remaining; that many countries, which were once as the garden of God, are now a desolate wilderness; and that so many once numerous and powerful nations are vanished from the earth! Such was, and is at this day, the rage, the fury, the revenge, of these destroyers of human kind."  

Doctrine of Original Sin, Works (1841), ix. 205.

3.  I will be addressing the following topics in a three part Trilogy entitled: "Making Merchandise of Men's Souls" which I will be producing for Cutting Edge Ministries this August in South Carolina.  The three parts will be:A. Church Denominations Confiscating Local Church Properties and Bank AccountsB. Psychotherapy vs. Scripture C. Palestinian Authority/Islam/Church and man-made Boundaries of Israel vs. Biblical Authority and God's Boundaries4.  CRY OF THE INNOCENT: PRO-LIFE VS. POPULATION CONTROLI was inspired to produce this five minute video in light of the fact that Obama is an icon of Planned Parenthood and is poised to appoint as many as 5 Supreme Court Judges if he is re-elected.  I also made this to help promote defunding Planned Parenthood in Congress.  And now with Al Gore coming out with his population control campaign, it is even more relevant and critical. Available
at:  Celebrate Recovery (Rick Warren) Expose article at:  
Finally, since Rick Warren has now joined hands with Tony Blair and allowed a Sufi Muslim, Dr. Oz (Oprah Winfrey New Age Partner) to speak from his pulpit, can I count on you to renounce and mark Rick Warren and cease and desist from promoting him?<image001.png>r. Oz toasting Oprah WinfreyKindest regards in Christ,James SundquistDirector








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