August 9, 2008


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Open Letter to Professor Joseph A. Buijs,

In response to your letter to me regarding your colleague Dr. Denis Lamoureux, if you are accusing me of a bearing false witness, you had better prove it. Bearing false witness is an abomination to the Lord and slanderers will not enter the Kingdom of God. If you and Dr. Lamoureux are Christians you will repent, if not and there is no fear of the Lord, you would probably not be inclined to do so.

Your colleague Dr. Denis Lamoureux calls Christians who don't believe in Evolution blind and publishes it in his "Evolutionary Creation", and you don't expect us to publicly respond and confront him? He is the one, as is Michael Dowd, who have thrown down the gauntlet. Dr. Lamoureux stated in an interview with Canadian Christianity, that the first eleven chapters of Genesis have no foundation as a literal historical account until the story of Abraham. In so doing, he completely trashes the genealogies that lead up to Abraham. Therefore if Adam is fictitious, the Fall of Adam is a myth, and the wages of sin are what then? Life? Therefore, if Genesis Chapter 12 on is real history, then it would follow that the genealogies I Chronicles, Matthew Chapter 1, and Luke Chapter 1 must be literal history. But these genealogies cover the same period of history and/or repeat much of the same genealogies in Genesis Chapter 10. But Dr. Lamoureux has trashed those chapters as mythology...not real history. He completely misrepresents the views of Young Earth Creationists, as though they are the baffoons as though they reject true science. He fallaciously and slanderously states that Intelligent Design “appeals to more physical evidence than that proposed by young earth creationists”. But the fact is that they both have the same evidence. But creation evolutionists have the same physical evidence plus a host of fabricated evidence. The fact is that the Bible is not just literal history for Genesis Chapters 1-11. It is literal history in all of its prophecy. Yes the Bible uses poetry, imagery, and apocalyptic literature to describe it, but when it uses figurative language, the Bible interprets the dreams or visions with the literal people and nations the dreams or images are referring to, as in the case of the books of Daniel and Revelation. Fulfilled prophecy described literal events and so precisely that many erroneously thought that the Book of Daniel was written after the fact. Following Dr. Lamoureux's logic of rejecting the first eleven chapters of Genesis as literal history, then we must also reject all of the end times judgments prophesied by Christ in his Olivet Discourse in Matthew and the Apostle Peter's description of the burning of the present heavens and earth to be replaced by a new heaven and earth. In so doing, Dr. Lamoureux would be defying the Apostle Peter. Is this also tolerated at a Catholic College which claims Peter as the Roman Catholic Church's first pope?

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August 4, 2008 Colorado Springs Gazette on Christian & Missionary Hijacking of Chinese Church:
"Congregation suing district after its home is sold"

My highest commendation to Gazette Reporter Mark Barna..his story was NO SPIN...very balanced! It is true that the C&MA hijacked a Chinese community church's $650,000 church property and $18,000 bank account and their Chinese translation Bibles. I wrote three documentaries on the C&MA. The truth about what the C&MA did is even more sinister and evil than the article reflects. The account by the Chinese members is correct. A public relations nightmare for the C&MA either way the court case goes. One clarification re The "Reversion Clause" is that "accredited", though it makes it much easier to hijack the church then when it is merely "affiliated", it is not license, due process, and the absence of fraud and arbitrariness must prevail in exercising the reversion clause...even the C&MA Constitution states this. For a complete report on the C&MA's seizure of the Chinese church and the more recent seizure of another ethnic church and its even larger bank account by the C&MA which was a Vietnamese Boat People church in Long Beach, California, and the investigation of C&MA Vice President John Soper, please visit:

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