Dear Dr. Stoll,
Thank you for sending me the audiocassette. I agree with most of what you said. In fact, it was so good, I would send it to Dr. John Stoll to convince him that his use of MBTI came from the very deceptions of Satan that you articulated in your sermon! You even used some of the same Scriptures I would have used. But this left me all the more perplexed that you would give space to the very seducing spirits you warn about.

I am so glad that you quoted Genesis 3:15, as I most certainly affirm that you are correct in identifying that it is Christ who crushes the head of Satan. But I would like to affirm you even more in stating that Satan who is the arch Deceiver has performed one of his greatest feats through the Roman Catholic Church by claiming that it is Mary who crushes the head of Satan. Here is the proof:


It is often said of organizations that speak out against Catholicism, that we are ill-informed of what Rome really teaches. So, I have decided to go to her manuals and teaching sources and let Rome speak for herself. The following quotes are taken from The Manual of the Holy Catholic Church: Embracing Light From the Altar or The True Catholic in the Church of Christ. This book was written in 1920 by Rev. James J. McGovern, D.D., published with the approbation of “the most Rev. James Edward Quigley, D.D., archbishop of Chicago. It contains the approval of several bishops and archbishops, as well as the approval of the Vatican itself. It was published by the Duggan Publishing Co. of Chicago and Buffalo. In the preface, it states:

“'....It is to be regretted that THERE BE MANY CATHOLICS WHO ARE NOT CONVERSANT WITH THE TEACHINGS AND PRACTICES OF THE CHURCH, and are unable to explain the truths they profess to believe. FOR THESE AND ALL OTHERS seeking more knowledge, `THE MANUAL OF THE HOLY CATHOLIC CHURCH` has been published as A LAMP OF FAITH which it is hoped will KINDLY LIGHT THE WAY OF TRUTH which leads to the Eternal Happiness of Heaven" (Emphasis mine).'”

“Let’s look at more “light from the altar of the Catholic church”. On page 226, we read:

"God, by a meek maid, conquered the rebellious spirit who thought to be as the Most High, and crushed with Mary's heel the serpent's head. She was the sole triumph of the four thousand years before her birth and of the two thousand years that followed. Never again shall we see an Immaculate One upon the earth."

According to Rome, it was “Mary’s heel” that crushed the serpent’s head. Genesis 3:15 tells us a different story.

“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”

It is apparent from the scriptures that it was not the woman that bruised the head of the serpent, but rather, her “seed”. Galatians 3:16 tells us that “seed” was Christ. “...He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one, And to thy seed, which is Christ”. Romans 16:20 also makes it clear that God shall bruise Satan under our feet, and not Mary. “And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly….” Why then does Rome distort the scriptures and put the emphasis on the woman instead of her "seed"? The reason may be found in the ancient Babylonian religion. Rome, notorious for incorporating pagan symbolism into her religion, incorporated the titles and attributes of many goddesses throughout history. Hislop, in his book The Two Babylons, notes the similarities between Rome’s goddess crushing the head of the serpent, and other goddesses.

“‘In the upper most story of the tower of Babel, or temple of Belus, Diodorus Siculus tells us there stood three images of the great divinities of Babylon; and one of these was of a woman grasping a serpent’s head.’ Among the Greeks the same thing was symbolised; for Diana, whose real character was originally the same as that of the great Babylonian goddess was represented as bearing in one of her hands a serpent deprived of its head.” (76-77)”

By Rebecca A. Sexton, Former Catholics For Christ

Excerpted from

From your sermon tape, you would have to agree that the above account depicting Mary as the one who crushes the head of Satan is another gospel. So in keeping with Paul's injunction to expose them and mark them which cause divisions, I trust that you would correctly identify the Roman Catholic Church as one of the main deceivers you rightly preached on in your sermon “The Conflict Through The Ages,” and mark the Roman Catholic Church, the next time you preach this sermon. I am sure you would agree as your sermon declares this interpretation does violence to the Doctrine and clear meaning of the passage of Genesis 3:15-17.

With great dismay you rightfully pointed out that something like a hundred and fifty of the top best sellers over a hundred year period around the time of your quote, that NONE were written to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. So am surprised you did not mention a few of those titles such as Darwin's Origin of the Species and Carl Jung's books that spawned MBTI that you defend! In any case, if you are so disturbed that none of these best sellers glorified Christ, why would you not mention Carl Jung as one of those authors who clearly did not glorify Jesus Christ?

It is extremely ironic that you would mention Tim LaHaye on your tape, who apparently was also a speaker at the same event. It is Tim LaHayes “Four Temperaments” which are directly derived from the pagan deceptive philosophies you rightly denounce. And here is the proof. And I personally know where he stands because he taught these seminars at Campus Crusade for Christ International at Arrowhead Springs, CA, Summer 1969, and read his book on the subject. When I think back at this I am astonished that no one confronted him about these theories!

Finally I would like to say that I do not wish to personally attack you, as I am sure you are very kind and generous person. And were I to hear just your sermon and read some of your straight Biblical apologetics, I would even find myself promoting your work and message. But then you bring forth ideas, and the very deceptions of Satan that you sternly warn against. But you don't bring them out to expose, but rather you integrate them to Christianity, and very skillfully. You have very impressive credentials, but with both a Masters and Phd, and years of ministry, I expect only the pure and unadulterated Gospel. But in mixing the world's philosophies with Christianity, you cause great confusion and would be a stumbling block to many younger believers who are expecting you to teach only the pure milk and meat of God's Word. You say that is what you are doing, but I have had a number of mature Christians and ministry leaders read your materials, and it is clear to them that you are integrating principles of this world and Satan with the Scripture. A normal reading of your texts would reveal this. So, I wish there were a more gentle way of telling you this, but by simultaneously promoting the very people and ideas you elsewhere decry, renders you double-minded. It is almost like you are two different people. One person who denounces Carl Jung and exalts Jesus Christ as the Only Way, and another person who promotes him and many other deceptions of the Deceiver . So my final appeal to you is to choose this day whom you will follow, as you can't serve two masters (though you would say you are only serving one). I pray that it be the Lord Jesus Christ.

Kindest regards in Christ our Savior and Only Sanctifier,

James Sundquist








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