Dear Dr. Stoll,

Thank you for your prompt and extensive commentary on my last letter to you regarding Sanctification and MBTI Allow me to respond point by point. First let me say that my comparison of salvation to sanctification was to simply illustrate that BOTH are impossible with the help of MBTI and BOTH can ONLY be accomplished by the Lord through His Word. I knew you would agree that salvation could be accomplished by no other means, so the comparison I made was to prove that sanctification couldn't be either. My commentary will be in red.


I realize that either I didn't make myself plain in previous communication, or else you have misunderstood where I come from in my Theology and/or Psychology.

I shared your article with a number of ministries and scholars. A reasonable person would read your title and article and conclude that you were, in fact, connecting MBTI with sanctification and defending Carl Jung. And not to my surprise, they all concurred. I believe you made yourself quite plain in both the article your your correspondence, though your letters are full of contradictions, as I will continue to demonstrate.

Here is a letter from a scholar, conservative Biblical professor who wrote an excellent book on marriage and divorce, Dr. Carl Laney. As I fear the Lord from ever bearing false witness against a brother or transgress one of the Ten Commandments, I would not want to falsely accuse you or mis-represent you. So I ask him if he thought I misunderstood your position. Here is his response:

Dear James:

But I have spent some time on the subject. I would agree that we (and marriage) are sanctified by the Word of God, not the Meyers/Briggs personality profile or any other counseling tool.

Frankly, James, I have zero confidence in the use of modern Christian psychology to solve any of the spiritual problems Christians face. I think the Word and the Spirit are God's means of dealing with spiritual problems.

I support your viewpoint and would conclude that you have correctly

understood Dr. Stoll and have properly critiqued him.


Dr. Carl Laney


Contrary to what you maintain: Jungian Psychology or MBTI, since I eschew that whole concept and I have taught sanctification for over 50 year, and never once ever connected that with MBTI..

Here is the proof, quoting you...first, it is obvious from your very title that you are connecting it:

1. Title:




John H. Stoll, Ph.D.

Executive Director, ASK, Inc.
If you eschew the connection, the title might read The Abuse of MBTI, or Misuse of MBTI..the way Paul discussed tongues. But even this would assume MBTI is a valid tool. A hammer is a valid tool in carpentry, but you could not use it to saw a board. But a hammer is good for pounding nails. MBTI, as an occultic tool is not valid for anything, let alone sanctification. So the title should read: Myers/Briggs has absolutely NO use as an Instrument in Sanctification of Life and Marriage Relationships. It is as useful as your horoscope and just as forbidden for a Christian.


2. "Then to, God has given human resources that enable us to better understand ourselves, and among them is the use of the Myers/Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) as an evaluating instrument for character development, and help in a husband/wife understanding of each other." And "The Myers/Briggs Type Indicator (henceforth MBTI) evaluating instrument can be a valuable tool for husband and wife in order to understand each others basic character development."

Sorry, there is NO other evaluating instrument for character development than the Bible!!! So that means you can't use MBTI.



"The sixteen different character combinations" (dreamed up by whom? if not Carl Jung, then whom? If you remove every component of Jung's philosophy from MBTI what would still be left in MBTI. Even the MBTI designers themselves confirm that MBTI is Jung except more organized and numbered) “that provide an understanding of how one's character operates in life, and to help in understanding the character behavior of one's mate.” (We not to understand one's character by using doctrines and teachings of devils. We are not to know and understand character by a source other than Scripture, when Scripture tell us that everything we need to know to understand character is in the Bible itself as well as telling us it is sufficient for confronting defects in character) “Together they are able to use this knowledge” (use forbidden knowledge? That is like saying that in Ephesus in the Book of Acts "we really didn't practice sorcery ourselves, we just used the scrolls of the people who did practice sorcery to get the ideas they then penned into the scrolls. So it is OK to use the scrolls? Of course, not! They burned the scrolls!!!!!!!) “in assisting each other in their spiritual development." (so MBTI is stated in your email to me "The 8 types of indicated of human behavior regardless of one's worldview or philosophy of life." Now your stating it is useful in spiritual development. Spiritual development is hardly neutral of worldview. Everything spiritual reflects worldview. And as to spiritual development, there is no spiritual development without the Bible via the Holy Spirit and prayer). How can MBTI be spiritual when psychology does not believe in the spirit, only the body and soul. How does you develop something they say is non-existent. But of course MBTI will affect you spiritually but not in a positive way, be a harmful way. You will reap what you sow if you tamper with sorcery or any of the fruit of sorcery.)


4. "The spiritual and psychological wholeness calls for a balance between our preferred and less preferred ways of being and doing." "We all have strongly ingrained tendencies to adopt patterns of spiritual maturity which favor our preferences."

That is not what the Bible teaches. It teaches we are to be obedient to His ways whether we prefer them or not (our ways are not his ways). Who determines this very subjective "balance" ?


5. "so in the spiritual body of believers is there an interdependence on one another"

I agree...but this is interdependence of other BELIEVERS. MBTI authors were not believers!" Note further who is the head in this analogy of the Body. Christ is the head. And we are to have the mind of Christ. So where does MBTI fit in the head?


6. "Carl Jung discovered that human beings have four essential behavioral preferences that shape the way they relate to the world around them,"

Carl Jung did not discover the essence of human behavior. The Bible already told us thousands of years before Jung that the heart is wicked and deceitful above all things...who can know it? We can't but Carl Jung can? And where in the Bible are we told there are four preferences? What Scripture tell us to catalogue them even if they do exist? Also, I thought you denounce Carl Jung?


"There is no right or wrong to these pairs, but they are equal in worth."

Now this truly is a strawman argument. First it presumes that there is even any such things a "pairs". Then it concludes they are equal in worth. The Bible clearly teaches that we are determine right or wrong in human behavior from what the Bible teaches us, then act accordingly. We don't act or obey based on discerning between qualities or pairs that the Bible doesn't even give us!

Instead of touting Carl Jung in this article, you should as a teacher and elder of God's word be saying straight away that Carl Jung was a false teacher. You should be protecting the flock from these kind of wolves, not inviting them in to the pen. You should not be giving Carl Jung even a hint of credibility. Before you administer any MBTI test to an unsuspecting person, do you tell them what Carl Jung thought of Christianity?


7. "Every individual has both options of each pair available to him. These preferences are part of the creation equipment God has given to us"

Did you get this idea from Jung (whom you denounce), MBTI, or the Bible? If the Bible, please cite Chapter and Verse.



8. "In the spiritual maturation of life, as well as the marriage relationship, it is important that we consider the development of our "weak" side"


Our definition and litmus test of spiritual maturation is determined by Scripture not MBTI. We are perfected in our weakness. "I am weak but he is strong." And once again I thought MBTI was spiritual neutral, yet you use it to assist in "spiritual maturation." Where in the Bible does it tell us to "develop our weak side?" If the 8 types or combinations are morally neutral regarding right and wrong ("there is no right or wrong), then developing one or more of them does not make them right or wrong either. Nothing is achieved. A Christian needs to make every choice with the intent of non-neutral right fruit of the spirit being produced. So at best MBTI is a pointless gesture and at worst, sorcery.



Biblical principles point to this as the optimum for fullness (note: John 10:10).

Biblical principles do not point to MBTI so that we can have life and life more abundantly. Let's look at John 10:10:

I am come that they might have life, and that they might have [it] more abundantly." John 10:10

Nineteen hundred years of Christians, including a host of persecuted and martyred saints did not have love more abundantly because they possessed everything. But they lacked one thing.....the MBTI. Wouldn't we have life abundant if we overcome the world? Well the saints in Revelation overcame with the Blood of Jesus and Word of their testimony. But they too lacked one thing. They did not have MBTI so that they could possess life abundant. This exegesis of John 10:10 is almost beyond my comprehension. Orthodox Christian scholars throughout the ages would tell you that it is possessing Jesus Christ himself that give you life abundant as well as more abundantly. To suggest that we need MBTI because of John 10:10 is both absurd and heretical. You further state that lack of balance is harmful. Who decides what combinations put you in balance? Besides I thought any of the combination types is morally neutral...there is no right or wrong any combination. So whether in balance or out of wouldn't matter...This idea of balance is pagan idea as seen in the Yin and Yang that you must keep in balance. But it is not a Biblical idea. Something perhaps even more frightening is the prospect that you are actually able to convince someone that they are now "in balance" which they ought to be able to achieve with the help of a psychotherapist, by simply adjusting the balance of strong vs. weak behavior traits. But the world can do this (assuming the theories are even true) and be just a lost. They could even balance these traits in their marriage without every opening up the Scripture. And you would suggest they could sanctify their marriage with this new balance, when the Scripture itself says that your marriage is sanctified by the watering of the Word?

"That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word", Ephesians 5:26



9. "A number of years ago I had a Mother bring her teenage son in for counseling. The problem, as she told it, was between her son and his father, in that they never could see things the same. She felt caught in the middle, as she loved her husband, as well as her son. I administered the Myers/Briggs to all three"

MBTI to the rescue? MBTI saved the day? How about going straight to the Lord? So is it a matter of simply showing each other how they see things differently? They could both be wrong. Isn't what matters is if one or all three of them are not seeing things how the Bible sees them? And fixing the the problem is obeying the Bible. It is quite troubling to imagine how a Godly counselor would have fixed their problem for nineteen hundred years without administering the MBTI. Why not have all three people repent, pray, and make restitution according to the commands of the Bible vs. morally neutral results of cataloging traits....something without precedent in either the Old or New Testament.



10. "In order for a Christian to become a mature, spiritually minded person, it is essential to know what one's preferred character pattern is, then to flesh out the opposite pattern of character."

Preferred by whom? One of these characters, or the Lord? What if the "preferred character pattern" and less preferred or even hated pattern are BOTH a stench in the nostrils of the Lord? What if the preferred character pattern is a delight to the Lord, why wouldn't you develop it even more? What if the opposite pattern is not pleasing to the Lord either? We don't balance it or flush it out, we get rid of it completely. What if they are both preferred or pure to the Lord? Wouldn't you cultivate both? Would there have been any hope for this family without MBTI? How do you know the person wouldn't be worse off by "balancing" these traits?

"Unto the pure all things [are] pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving [is] nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled." Titus 1:15

So how does MBTI template work with Titus 1:15? It is impossible, of course!



10. " If one does not nurture his less preferred pattern, then the spiritual journey will have problems,"

Narrow is the way a few it be that choose it. "Whoever would follow me must deny himself (of his preferred pattern) and pick up the Cross and follow me!" The preferred pattern for ALL Mankind is darkness, as men love the darkness more than the light. So if we nurture the preferred pattern we are all on the highway to Hell. So, in fact, Biblically speaking, it is quite the opposite. It is following our preferred patterns, or the flesh that will create problems in our spiritual journey. So, once again, it is not what we prefer but what HE prefers that will lead us to the light!! It is "thy word that is a lamp unto my feet (for my spiritual journey) not my preferences.



11. "an ESFJ enjoys being with and ministering to people, but if one does not take time for inner reflection and meditation, and think through God's plan for his life, then he will not come to that maturity of life, which God intends for His children to enjoy (John 10:10)."

An ESFJ (which one obtains from taking the MBTI) can't enjoy John 10:10. Millions of people who never took the MBTI ever even found out that they were an MBTI in order to take the appropriate steps to enjoy John 10:10. So you are suggesting that all of the ESFJs never enjoyed life and life more abundant? Of course, this is assuming that there is even any such character traits or correct cataloging of traits in this given individual....and that the theory is even true.



12. "Our aim is a balanced, centered spirituality. These words are meant to facilitate understanding, not to stifle individuality."


Centered spirituality? This is totally a New Age idea taken directly from "kundalini" and being "centered" as it is a part of Eastern Meditation. But it has no place in the Bible or should it be practiced by any Christian.



13. "the dangers of one-sided spirituality,"

If we walk totally one-sided in the spirit, how is that a danger? We should pray that we were even more one-sided!



14. "Who is in control of our mind and heart, with all its desires and purposes---God or us?

If God is in control, why are we subjectively controlling or balancing our own preferences or traits as determined by MBTI?



"Holy Spirit control of our lives will bring us to wholeness, balance, and holiness, as we allow the truth of God's Word to minister to our lives."

Once again, If God is in control, why are we subjectively controlling or balancing our own preferences or traits as determined by MBTI? This is all done without the MBTI and God did it from the beginning of time, so why now introduce MBTI? and even if you administered this test, how do you trust its results?



15. Our spiritual formation always takes place within our given psychological state and personality preference patterns."

No it doesn't. Our spiritual formation is determined by our obedience to the Scripture, and prayer, and loving God with all our heart, mind and body.



16. "The preferred pattern of character behavior is molded by a combination of the aforementioned elements that combine to produce one's character."

This preferred pattern of traits that you learn by taking the MBTI test does not produce character. Personality Traits do not produce character, righteousness

produces character. Submitting ourselves to God (not MBTI) produces character. Suffering for Christ produces both character and a crown. Enduring until the end produces character. So if you really want to produce character read and heed II Peter 1:5-8 and don't take or heed MBTI.

"And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge; And to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness; And to godliness brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness charity. For if these things be in you, and abound, they make [you that ye shall] neither [be] barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. But he that lacketh these things is blind, and cannot see afar off, and hath forgotten that he was purged from his old sins." II Peter 1:5-8



17. "The combination of both partners being intuitive (N) and feeling (F) tends to make great lovers, and produce a closeness between them, since both are desirous of projective themselves to meet the other one's needs, without thought of selfishly having theirs met."

So now we are using MBTI to make us better lovers? Why not do what the Scripture tell us to do to be better lovers, such as praying and fasting for a season, or adorning our inner-most being and be brought closer together because we are BOTH obeying the Lord? N and F combined should not have any advantage in this aspect of their marriage than any combination of traits in spouses....that is assuming these traits are even valid.



18. "It is primarily through recognizing one's deficiencies, taking personal responsibility for rectifying the problem, getting help through various means, of which one valuable tool is the MBTI, and allowing the Holy Spirit through the Word of God to bring wholeness as well as Holiness to one's life ..."





Illustration: you wondered how that I certainly would not use the MBTI to help one to salvation, but would use it to help with sanctification. How you jumped from the one to the other is beyond me, since that concept is totally foreign to my thinking.

If it is foreign to your thinking, then why did you write an article connecting sanctification with MBTI?




I have taught Biblical sanctification for over 50 years, and never once ever connected that with the MBTI. If you wish to understand my understanding of sanctification, go to the Christian Leadership Ministries web site of Campus Crusade, and dial up, <> and there you will open up my book, "Biblical Principles For Christian Maturity" and scroll down to Chap. 20.


Did you write the article: "THE USE OF THE MYERS/BRIGGS INSTRUMENT IN SANCTIFICATION OF LIFE AND MARRIAGE RELATIONSHIPS" during those fifty years? If you did, then you have, in fact connected them.

Also, I have gone to your article Biblical Principles for Christian Maturity as you suggested.


John Stoll:

being set apart from sin, and set apart unto God.

I agree, this is an excellent apologetic on Sanctification, could not be better articulated. If this is all you published, I would be recommending it to everyone around the world. My initial letter to you would be simply a commendation. It is pure and sound doctrine. But it is so good, so completely sufficient, it leaves me stunned and dumbfounded to then read your other article which promotes Jung and MBTI as a tool in sanctification. But neither Carl Jung or MBTI were set apart from sin nor were they set apart unto God.. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Neither Jung, Myers, or Briggs feared the Lord, so they did not even have the beginning of wisdom. So on both counts there is nothing they could do to assist us in sanctifying life or marriage. You conclude with:


John Stoll:

In II Corinthians 7:1 it says we are to, "Purify ourselves from everything that contaminates the body and spirit, maturing holiness out of reverence for God".

But this Scripture should slam the door on introducing Jung and MBTI which is impure and which does contaminate the body and spirit. A little leaven will leaveneth the WHOLE lump. Ephesians Five states that there should not be even a hint of impurity in the Body of Christ, or named among you, yet you continue to defend the use of MBTI. Would this apply to both sexual and spiritual harlotry?


John Stoll:

I also have chapters on Philosophy & Psychology in addition to Theology, and not once will you ever see any indication of either Jungian psychology or the MBTI, since I eschew that whole concept.

If your chapter on sanctification were the only chapter, I would breathe a sigh of relief, But then you capsize everything by then defending humanism and psychology in Chapters 30 and 31. If you eschew Jungian psychology and the MBTI, then why do you endorse and validate him in your other article on LeaderU on Sanctification? And if you eschew MBTI in Sanctification of marriage, then when do you invoke the term acronym MBTI nine times in the same article plus the complete name in the title of your article? You rightfully state that sanctification is position in Christ, progressive, and perfect. But since MBTI is incapable of assisting as a tool and any one of these three, why introduce it at all? You maintain that you have not integrated Sanctification and MBTI, yet you devote an entire article to integrating them in your article: THE USE OF THE MYERS/BRIGGS INSTRUMENT IN SANCTIFICATION OF LIFE AND MARRIAGE RELATIONSHIPS


I also note that you defend aspects of humanism and believe you can integrate psychology with Christianity...i.e., Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. But there is no baby in humanism. Humanism is a worldview that is atheistic and mutually exclusive to Christianity. In fact humanism is the antithesis of sanctification. Humanism suggests that man can perfect man, while sanctification says only the Word of God via Jesus Christ the author, and the Holy Spirit can perfect man. Would you dare suggest that there are parts of the baby we can keep in Nazism, Communism, Buddhism, or Hinduism? I am sure you would say none of these contain a baby to save! So, it is simply unthinkable that you would make any statements defending Humanism. And this is not simply my understanding of humanism or your statement about it, but represents Orthodox Christianity. I could spend volumes addressing humanism and psychology, but our correspondence is primarily devoted to Sanctification, Jung, and MBTI aspect of Psychology.

John Stoll:

Just because Jung had a philosophical and psychological frame of reference that included eastern mysticism, etc. into his formulation of types, does not necessarily adversely color to plain fact that people are different in character, and that difference can be classified.

So you admit, that the roots of this MBTI tree are not of God. An article a number of hears ago in Christianity Today has a cover illustration of this very tree, including Jung. So it is clear these are thornbush roots by own admission. Even if these traits were true of a given individual, where in the Bible does it tell us to classify them?


There are many other Psychological testing instruments that approach an understanding of people's character, that use different nomenclature, but measure the same thing.

No, there is not one Psychological test that can understand a man's character, only the Bible can do that. Psychology does not even know what character is. It can't because it does not even define the nature of man correctly.


Just because I, as a Christian, use the MBTI, does not necessarily follow that I buy into Jung's philosophy, In fact, I would say that probably most Christians who use the MBTI do not know the philosophical/psychological underpinning of that test.

Once again you admit the (thornbush) roots of MBTI in Jung. Christians taking a test in ignorance is an excuse? My people perish from ignorance!


You have raised a "straw man" in argument against me, in that I agree with all these statements you made, as well as the scriptures you quoted. I have taught all these things for over 50 years.

It is not a strawman argument if I can prove through your own text where these ideas in MBTI and Jung came from, i.e., their roots. So the roots of this thornbush are Jung and the MBTI is one of its branches. So if you agree with that Scripture, than you can be simultaneously claiming we can get anything good out of the thornbush....not figs, not sanctification, not anything good! What would be this a strawman argument is if I claimed these ideas came from the Lord but really didn't, then proclaim the fruit to be figs. As humbly as I can say this, you are the one who has set up the strawman, by giving any credence to Jung or MBTI to connect it whatsoever to Sanctification. What is so ironic about this is that if I were to persuade someone and reason from Scriptures as Paul would have done to abandon MBTI as a tool of sanctification, I would use your own chapter on Sanctification in your book: Biblical Principles for Christian Maturity.


Your use of Eph. 5:26 is well taken, and I have used that verse hundreds of times in counseling couples, as to the sanctifying aspect of the Word of God.

That's good! But do you also tell them NOTHING but the Word of God can sanctify them, which is in the next verse?

That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish. Ephesian 5:27

If the Word, alone can make us holy and perfect, anything else added would be adding a spot, wrinkle, or blemish. How is this not TOTALLY sufficient? And if we can achieve total sanctification by this method, then what cant MBTI contribute? I would be surprised if no client of your ever asked the question about why are we adding MBTI? I sure would be asking it?



I think your analogy on p. 3 as to my using the a Ouija board, a star scroll, or Mandela as a template, is ludicrous, to say the least. I don't find that analogy to be true.

It is not just an analogy, as the very content of Jung's philosophy (the heart and soul of MBTI) is derived from sorcery, which is precisely what Ouija Boards and Astrology are derived from...same source, same author of confusion, same same doctrines of demons. How, with all of your years of studying Jung, and even agreeing with all of the documentation I sent you on Jung, it totally mystifies me that you could miss the analogy. You have tried to save MBTI from Jung. But if you go to Myers-Briggs own website and the author's own testimony you would read the following:



the vision of Katharine Briggs was to understand human development and to discover the keys that would enable each individual to reach their full potential.

....After years of gradually creating her own formulation, she discovered and adopted the ideas and framework expressed by Carl Gustav Jung in his book, Psychological Types. The rest of her life was focused on studying the works of Jung and in striving to bring the potential benefits of knowing and applying his ideas to the world.”



Isabel Myers, in the second half of her life, was to accomplish what she saw as a foundation piece of her mother's vision by giving individuals access to and understanding of their Jungian preference type through the development of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) instrument.


So you can see there is no way of even having an MBTI without Carl Jung's ideas and philosophy! You want to use the Bible as a template over MBTI? Good! In this way you can test the spirits to see if they be of God. When you see that these ideas did not come from God, you should reject them in total!


I have always evaluated every philosophical concept or psychological by the principles of God's word, and especially rely on the book of Colossians, which is the true philosophical book of the Bible.

If you did, you would get rid of MBTI when you discovered that its principles do not square with the Bible. And the Bible is is not a philosophical book, where man dreams up ideas of human nature, it is God's direct revelation of his commandments not his ideas.


Yes, I indicated that God loves Jung, just as He loves you and me (John 3:16). Furthermore, Christ died to save Jung from his sins, as He did for you and me (2 Peter 3:9; 1 Tim. 2:4). That doesn't mean that Jung is necessarily a Christian, anymore that it means you or I are, except we make a personal commitment to Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior. Again, I am puzzled as to how you make out of our dialogue that accusation, anymore than I am puzzled as to how you connect the MBTI and sanctification to my thinking. Granted, I fully believe that obedience is better than sacrifice.

I don't believe I used the word accuse, and prefer to use the terms and verbs the Bible says we should invoke regarding a brother we wish to confront....that is edify, admonish, correct, rebuke, train, etc., as accuse is used as the verb by Satan who is the accuser of the brethren, with no love of truth or interest in restoration or restitution. I am not sure how I accused you here, except to clarify Biblically who God loves. So I will simply ask you, if Carl Jung did not repent before his death, does God still love him whom he would send to Hell for Eternity? So just what position is it that you do hold regarding RC?


And, I stand totally on the Word of God. As to my going to Notre Dame, when I went there, I was a full fledged Theologian with 25 years of teaching Bible & Theology in Christian colleges/seminaries, and I knew full well what Roman Catholicism teaches, both before as well as after Vatican II. However, I was never pressured to accept any of their teachings. In fact I was solicited both in the classroom as well as outside the classroom, to use my Bible and discuss from my Biblical point of view. My position was solicited as well as welcomed. I used my 5 years there as an open door to witness for the Lord, and it was a great opportunity the Lord gave me.

So, that our yeas are yeas and our nays are nay, did you share with them that RC denies Sola Scriptura? Did you do as Paul the Apostle commands us to do an expose their teaching as false and unbiblical? Did you tell them they teach another gospel and another Jesus from your Biblical point of view? Did you tell them as former RC Priest Richard Bennett declares that RC is both pagan and apostate?


Finally let me just say what Harrison Ford said to the President of the United States in the movie which I believe was called Clear and Present Danger, when he had to confront the President and said It gives me no pleasure to do so, Sir! But he was compelled to because he had sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, just as I am compelled to tell you the truth, as Paul confronted Peter because he was clearly in the wrong. As a Christian I am compelled to uphold Scripture and expose teaching which clear false. And like Ezekiel's Watchman passage, woe to me were I to remain silent.

I remain ever hopeful and vigilant that you will denounce MBTI for what is and give Glory to God for exposing it for what it is as not only being of no value to a Christian in sanctification, but of no use to maturing a Christian in any respect, I also pray that, in fact, you reveal and publish that MBTI is destructive and demonically inspired.

I eagerly await a praise report to this effect.

Kindest regards in Christ,

James Sundquist








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